A Nolte Kitchen isn't just a kitchen. It's the place where the family gathers, where children play, and where friends are entertained. Where thoughts are shared and memories made. It's the multi-faceted heart of the beautiful home, designed to make everyday cooking, and life, real pleasures. Welcome to the Social Kitchen.

Great kitchen design comes, not only from great products, but from the details. Loaded with innovative features and varied solutions for smart storage, Nolte kitchens can be anything. The life of the party. The centre of activity, art, storytelling and culture. A personal retreat, a space of peace and calm. And of course, it's also the best place to become a master chef.

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Celebrity Chef Manu Chandra, of Olive Bar and Kitchen fame, is the epitome of balance between the culinary arts and social grace. His insight into what makes the perfect Social Kitchen gives us new ideas for making the space special. He believes that kitchens need to be shared spaces that are enjoyed not just on a Sunday morning, but every day.

Nolte Bengaluru Social Kitchen
"I grew up around a kitchen. Refuge for me was the kitchen. When I had finished my homework I went to the kitchen. And that's where the love affair with food started."
- Chef Manu Chandra,
on how the family kitchen brought him to his chosen profession, one in which he has reached an exalted level of sublime perfection.
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"Kitchens have become a lovely social space. Everyone wants to cook, everyone wants to come together. And I think it has become a fun, collaborative, exciting, and interactive experience for the family and guests."
- Architect Sandeep Khosla,
An architect who has some very prominent and unqiue projects to his name, Sandeep Khosla shares his extraordinary vision for how the kitchen will evolve as a space of interaction.